Affirmations Bundle: EASE
Affirmations Bundle: EASE

Affirmations Bundle: EASE

US $20.00

“Ease Into Your Existence” comprises of 20 digital and printable reminders that guide you back to your deep inner-knowing through an accompanying video, illustrated zine, and an assortment of digital backgrounds painted from oil onto cotton canvas.

So often we're caught up in rushing towards a specific goal or worrying about where we should go that we forget to ease into our present existence...

Together, let's learn to embrace the *seemingly* inactive state of rest and reflection by embodying the sense of ease that comes from within! Welcome to the 1st of a 4 part series drawing inspiration from the transformative life cycles of the Butterfly, starting from: the Egg!

* 20 digital downloads *

↳ 4 Printable Calendar Templates (Letter + A4)
↳ 6 Desktop Wallpapers (Standard + Extra Wide)
↳ 3 Tablet Wallpapers
↳ 3 Phone Wallpapers
↳ 3 Illustrated Zine Formats (Letter + A4 + Digital Reader)

↳ 1 Accompanying Video